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At the moment tyre retreading is of great importance for transport. Tyre retreading is economically beneficial as to retread a tyre is much cheaper than to buy a new one. The technology of tyre retreading is environmentally friendly as it allows to prolong the service life of a tyre instead of dumping it as soon as it gets old. Our company being highly experienced in this field invites everyone dealing with transport for mutial cooperation. Taking into account a high quality of our services we are convinced in mutial benefit of such cooperation. EUROVIA M has been working in the estonian market since 1995 and provides all kinds of services connected with tyres: tyre retreading, repairing, replacing, balancing, selling of retreaded tyres and also selling of new autotyres of the world leading manufacturing companies. retreading is carried out on modern equipment by the method of cold vulcanization with the usage of high quality materials and 100% control of the used tyres on their suitability for retreading on a special machine under high pressure. Later on such control provides high reliability of the retreaded tyre. A guarantee passport is issued for all the works connected with tyre retreading and a long term guarantee is provided. We collect tyres for retreading and deliver retreaded tyres to our customers by our own transport. Dealers in different towns of Estonia ensure collection and timely delivery of tyres to our company and back to the customer after their retreading. High qualification of our staff, our technical abilities, our contracts and guarantees system and our services as well allowed us to get an international certificate ISO 9001 in 2002.

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